Hello, authoring this site is Jon Chait.  I’m currently a Partner in Dace Ventures based in the Boston, MA area.

I often begin to introduce myself as a “former entrepreneur” and pause to chuckle.  I’m still an entrepreneur.  My latest venture is an investment fund focused on the next wave of Internet innovation.  See more at www.daceventures.com

The posts in this site are simply my personal opinions and experiences as an entrepreneur, investor, self-admitted technology geek, diehard Boston sports fan, weekend athlete and devoted father and husband.  My philosophy here is that a blog can’t directly make the world a better place (… which is too bad).  I began writing to enjoy it.  So, if you find large gaps between my posts and responding to comments, please understand that my above interests, or helping others in general, are my primary focus.  To me, blogging is a dialogue about the journey, looking ahead and reflecting on what is past.  Welcome your comments.


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